St. Ignatius Chapel

Chapel Decorations

St John’s Chapel, a smaller chapel within the church building, was decorated by Mallin sometime between 1922 and 1926. Mallin had an advertisement for his business in the June 18, 1926 Daily World, a Chicago Archdiocese newspaper, which included photos of the St. Ignatius chapel. A photo in one of Mallin’s brochures shows him restoring the chapel ceiling. The text mentions that the chapel was originally decorated 24 years prior, suggesting the restorations were done in the late 1940s early 1950s. Most of the Mallin artwork in the chapel remains except for some angels that were painted over and replaced with new angels painted by Polish restorers. The painting behind the alter of the Blessed Mother and Child is a copy of the French painting Regina Angelorum by William Bouguerau and was done by Mallin in the original chapel decorations.

St. Ignatius Church