First National Bank of Cicero

Project Name
First National Bank of Cicero

6000 W. Cermak Road
Cicero, Illinois

Project Status
Offices of Solis Law Firm - Public welcome

The First National Bank of Cicero was organized in 1920 by William Kaspar, bank President, and Otto Kaspar, bank vice-president. Cicero at that time had a large Czech population. The bank was decorated by Mallin in 1929, according to a letter written from Mallin to Otto Kaspar, which described the work done and included the bill for $5,388. Scaffolding receipts from August 1929 also indicate the work was done in that year.

The bank changed hands a few times and most recently was a Fifth Third Bank, but then was recently sold to the Solis Law Firm, which currently has offices inside the building. Architectural photos of the bank interior in 1929 and photos recently taken inside the bank show that the decorations are largely intact. A large skylight dominates the main floor of the building, which was laid with the best grade of aluminum leaf and lacquered in gold. Lower ceiling rosettes were placed on aluminum and gold ground. The current owners, the Solis law firm, graciously allowed photos to be taken inside the bank.

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