News from the Chicago Archdiocese

Please note, the Chicago Archdiocese has announced that St Ignatius Church will close on July 30, 2021.   There is no indication at this time of what will happen to the church.  If you want to see the remaining Mallin decorations at St Ignatius Church and Chapel, you should do so before the end of July.

Churches & Chapels


John A. Mallin painted and decorated over 100 churches.

John A. Mallin

John A. Mallin was an artist/decorator who lived from 1884-1973.


In addition to decorating theaters, John Mallin painted theater backdrops.


John A. Mallin decorated over 100 churches throughout the United States.
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John Mallin worked with several theaters – both on backdrops and theater decor.
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Interior Decoration

Private Residences

John Mallin’s residential decorations added a beautiful and unique aspect to homes.
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John Mallin’s work added a stately elegance to many important banks.
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